Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

iPhone Updates Announced

Apple announced new iPhone software updates today. The new features for the iPhone include:
Long awaited iPhone SDK
Exchange Support
iPhone App Store
$100m iFund

The full details of the announcement can be read here: http://www.engadget.com/2008/03/06/live-from-apples-iphone-press-conference/

What interests me most about today’s announcement is the iFund. With the launch of this $100 million fund, it appears that Apple is now trying to build a community of developers/users around the iPhone. This is a 180 degree turn from their original stance of web apps as the only method for developing applications for the iPhone.

It is possible that Google’s Android had something to do with this change of heart. The fact that the iPhone is already in the market will give Apple a jump on Google. What will be interesting is to see if Apple decides to license the use of the iPhone OS to other hardware manufactures. This would be another huge change in Apples philosophy, but one that I think can only help them and their new commitment to building a solid user/developer community around the iPhone.

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