Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

Mash It Up!

Google has just released a new web based tool for developers. GoogleMashUps allows developers to take rss/atom feeds from different sources and “mash” them together to create new applications. Mashup apps are not new to the web (see: www.housingmaps.com), but now they are easier than ever to create and publish.

I created my own test mash up app, which combines Chicago Yelp! reviews with Google maps. You can check it out at http://yelpmap.googlemashups.com. Click on the review on the left to see it on the map along with a summary and a link to the full review.

If you are familar with XML or HTML GoogleMashUps isn’t difficult to use. This app took me about 20 mins to build and publish.

GoogleMashUps is in a limited beta release. If interested in signing up visit this page.

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